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STRANGLES...The Schools Precious Little Zorse Foal was Sick! She's getting much better!

Updated: Nov 20

She Still needs a name . . . Any ideas?

At Utah School of Pet Grooming we do a lot more than teach pet grooming. We also offer a Professional Horse Grooming certificate program and advanced ANIMAL PSYCHOLOGY Workshops that include dogs, horses, zorses (zebra horse hybrids). We take caring for these amazing animals very seriously.

The veterinarian diagnosed STRANGLES! It's extremely contagious, a threat to all the zorses and horses in the barn as well as the horses in the neighborhood!

The baby has a fever, yellow nasal and eye discharge, abscessed lymph nodes under her chin, and throat.

The vet believes It's a highly contagious disease of the equine upper respiratory tract caused by the bacterium Streptococcus equi-subspecies.

It's called the strangles due to the breathing sounds the animal makes as a result of the profuse nasal discharge and the swellings that form in her head and neck region.

Poor little thing, she had to be quarantined. She is so sick, is upset, and lonely, it's the first time she has ever been alone!

Infected eyes, yellow puss draining from the tear ducts

Lymph glands below her jaw are swollen, and painful!

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