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Pro Stylist Toolkit

Toolkit list

Professional tool-kit $1,598


Professional Stylist Equipment Package $1,598   


Andis Pro clipper

Straight shears

Curved shears

Thinning shears

Shear case

Metal comb med/fine

Medium/soft slicker

De-matting slicker

Nail clipper

Rubber curry


Clip on guard comb set

Nail dremmel

Clipper blade case

Grooming apron

Personal ear protection

Blade cooling tile

(5) kennel leads

Duffle (tool-bag)​

  1. #15 clipper blade

  2. #10 clipper blade

  3. #10 clipper blade

  4. #7F clipper blade

  5. #7F clipper blade

  6. #5F clipper blade

Blade coolant

Clipper blade oil

H-42 blade disinfectant

Oral care breath freshener

De-matting/skin & coat conditioner spray

Kwik stop

Body spray

Ear cleaner

Ear powder

Tear stain remover

​Psychology: ‘Cesar’s Way’

USPG student training book

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