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ADD-ON Small Business SET-UP

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I'm Lynne, the founder of 'Utah School of Pet Grooming'.  I believe that anyone who has a dream, high intention, is willing to push their boundaries and work hard should be given the opportunity and support in starting their own business, to be the best they can be! It's too easy to lose your dream, to lose faith in what's possible! Well we're here with the support and resources to help those with the drive and dedication to Fast-Track Their New Business set-up, to achieve even more than they've imagined! Me and my AMAZING team are committed to identifying those capable of believing in their dreams and abilities even through self doubt and the tuff challenges life throws in their path.  Pet grooming is a noble career, as a pet groomer we have the responsibility to give the best possible care to the pet and their owner. Animals have had a HUGE influence on my life! I can't imagine who and where I'd be without the big and little Heroes that have brought so much joy and meaning to my life!

What are some of the benefits of being your own BOSS?

You get to be your own boss! Reap the rewards from your own efforts! People say 'if you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life', become your own boss in a field you love, and you've created your dream career. You're in control of your business and how it operates. Set your own hours, choose your income'. No one looking over your shoulder. Imagine it and 'Utah School of Pet Grooming' will help you build and achieve your DREAM! Your own pet grooming business can be anything you want it to be . . . mobile, work from home, or a retail space. Offer deluxe services owners and pets will love. You can expand your business and add employees to increase income. YOU CAN START & BECOME THE OWNER OF A LUCRATIVE, ENJOYABLE BUSINESS ​

Would you like to be one of our graduates earning over $100K a year?

Want to be your own boss? ​

Your in good company. You can follow in the footsteps of past graduates who own and operate 7 of the 11 top rated grooming shops in the Salt Lake valley  as graduates of UTAH SCHOOL OF PET GROOMING.

As a business owner It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to become a successful entrepreneur. But with the right resources and support, it can be done.


#1 BASIC Fast Start

#2 PRO Business 

#3 ELITE Business Set Up . . . 



The pet grooming program at Utah School of Pet grooming goes way beyond just learning to groom animals.  They spend signficant time going over animal behavior, body language and potential problems groomers need to look for as well as making sure that as a groomer, you have the appropriate energy to accomplish a calm, stress free and successful experience for the animal, the groomer and the pets owner. 

    Anyone who dreams of becoming a groomer must attend this school!  You'll get much more than expected and really learn how to make a meaningful connection with every animal you work with.  Highly recommend!


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