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The Secret Art of Becoming a Dog Whisperer through language,
instincts and needs of both PREDITOR & PREY


Gain the ability to calm an animal quickly, create an enjoyable

experience for the pet handler or stylist 

Attendees comments on their personal life impact this inspiring course has had on perspective . . .

On their understanding of how instincts are the key to bonding & earning trust.  On how animals see the world . . . the value of living in the moment. On their personal interaction with animals and people. A once in a lifetime, inspiring experience!!  On how a few simple techniques are easily understood & applied! On how the magical secrets of animal communication is therapeutic & healing.

Meet The Animals that Will Change Your Life . . . 

Uncover hidden secrets of animal communication, mostly Unspoken.  Interpret language by  the reaction in their eyes.  Body language, it's a subtle, sweet and an easy language to learn.  Once you know what to look for you'll recognize an animal's mood, emotions and concerns.  Learn control over your emotions and energy.  How to react or when not to react based on body language.

Attendees interacting with the horses and zorses at a workshop
Tequila the zorse enjoying affection from a little girl and her big sister
Joe the zorse and the cutest little girl ever!

The horses love children . . . Joe Exotic - - is a misunderstood ZORSE who has a heart of gold!   Zebra/Horse cross

Meet our sweet WATER BUFFALO . . .

Water Buffalo have been domesticated longer than horses and have been ridden and milked for 3,000 years.

They enjoy human companionship are very gentle and affectionate.

A cute little girl interacting with some young water buffalo after an Animal Psychology workshop

Our newest arrival is a cute little zorse filly!  HELP us out, she doesn't  have a name yet ! ! !

Three sisters and Diesel the baby horse

A Family Friendly Once in a LIFETIME EXPERIENCE

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