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ANIMAL PSYCH Will BLOW your mind!  Gain insight on language, trust and calm an animal quickly!

*CERTIFIED Pro Pet Stylist & HOBBY
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Training floor students, pink poodle
Landscape with Animals

Pro Stylist PAY IN FULL

Includes FREE $1,598 Professional Tool Kit

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$8473 per person

Save $1598
when you pay in full (ends 7/15/24)


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Payments as low as $179.86 per month


16 weeks

ANIMAL PSYCHOLOGY & DOG WHISPERER Workshops Tuesday-Wednesday  5:00pm to 8:00pm K-9 Psychology    No DOGS! Thursday FUN DAY! 5pm to 8pm    BRING A DOG HOBBY Hands-on Grooming Workshop Tuesday-Wednesday  4:30pm to 8:30pm  BRING A DOG!  INTERACTIVE HORSE & ZORSE * ONCE IN A LIFETIME! Saturday      2m-5pm  WEATHER PERMITTING    This interactive experience is held indoors, it's HANDS-ON!  Working with these AMAZING animals will BLOW your mind. You'll leave with a different mindset, see the world through the eyes of one of the rarest creatures on EARTH!. You'll connect with animals on a deeper level than you'd EVER IMAGINED!  Guaranteed this will help you master becoming a DOG WHISPERER!  Truly a once in a lifetime experience!  We've held this workshop for years, every single clinic is a different experience for attendees and it is family friendly! It's located at:     1913 west Ridgeline Rd, Stockton, UT, 84071 HANDS-ON GROOMING Starts after Animal Psych & HOBBY 11 weeks Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 9am to 2pm Tuesday . . . Orientation, Toolkit & Goal setting interview Wednesday . . . Hands-on Grooming INTERNSHIP . . .4 weeks  Open schedule Friday &Saturday 9am-4pm Hands-on Grooming in a salon environment with the support of an instructor to develop confidence, safety, increase speed and skillset for success starting your new career!

HOBBY  Schedule

SAME START as Pro-Pet Stylist K-9 PSYCHOLOGY 3-3 hour workshops   HANDS-ON GROOMING Workshop Wednesday, 4:30 to 8:00pm  BRING A DOG! Thursday, 5:00pm to 8:00pm  BRING A DOG!

Zebroid giving a kiss

K-9 PSYCHOLOGY 3 hour workshop Schedule

Wednesday  5 to 8pm    *Animal language  GAIN AN UNDERSTANDING ON CURBING PROBLEM BEHAVIORS QUICKLY & PERMANENTLY!  Is your dog jumping uncontrollably, dragging you and the kids around on-leash? Does Feefee show aggressive behaviors or is nippy with friends and kids? Is Foofoo food aggressive?     FAMILY FRIENDLY hands-on! Learn to interpret the universal language animals share through 'Luna' our  AMAZING Timber Wolf Hybrid.  Gain a skillset to rehab difficult rescue animals like 'Izzy' a small, out of control lab cross rescue. She lived in a back yare, was not socialized, house broke, was a barker, destructive, escape artist, and a runner. Her previous owners did not have the skillset to work her through her serious problems. They had good intentions when they adopted her, however due to her extreme problem behaviors they were not able to place her and were going to have to release her to a shelter. This precious girl did not have a promising future.

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