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Is there such a thing as a ZORSE?

Updated: Jul 25

A Zorse is the offspring of a zebra and a horse. A Zedonk is the offspring of a zebra and donkey. This cross is also called a zebrose, zebrula, zebrule. It's estimated that there are fewer than 100 zebroids worldwide!


For years there was only one known Zorse in Europe, named Zulu.

The unusual look of a Zorse or Zedonk leads people to believe the photos have been photoshopped.

Most horse trainers have never

seen a real live Zorse. They believe the zebra personality dominates, they are aggressive, difficult to train, and quite dangerous. Here at UTAH SCHOOL OF PET GROOMING we have found that they are truly misunderstood.

We absolutely do not believe they are an animal the public should own, after all half of their genetics come from an animal that has never been domesticated. They require dedicated care and our gifted horse trainer Aurora Elkins skillset is the reason they are so personable.

That being said, when handled with an understanding of their psychology and instinctual needs, along with gentle, resistance free training. They are THE ULTIMATE teachers of PATIENCE, and Trust Building.

I think one of the biggest impacts the zorses have on the individuals who take the time to bond with them is an awareness of being in the moment (when in the moment it's difficult to stress about the future or be depressed about our past) as well as becoming aware of and in control of our emotions and energy (healing).

Many, many people have commented on how lifechanging the experience of working with them has been. Our Zorses and Zedonks are gentle, empathic, amazing creatures that love being with people, they are especially drawn to the miniature humans (children).

We are extremely lucky to have 3 Zorses:

Tequila, Joe Exotic, and Tiger they are each very different in personality. We also have 2 twin Zedonks, wonderful therapy animals.

Zorses are much different than a zebra or horse.

  • It takes more work to gain their trust than a horse, once you've gained their trust they bond very deeply.

  • Zorses are very curious, things that would spook a horse are more intriguing to a zorse as long as they feel safe. When hiking with Tequila she will lead you to the things she'd like to check out, someone working with power tools, kids making a lot of noise, something buzzing in a bush (she will twist herself in a knot to get to children).

  • When a zorse is processing information their eyes and ears micro twitch.

  • When upset a zorse will emit a pungent odor (it's not unpleasant, just strong) the second the stress passes a pheromone neutralizes the sent. If you rub a hand on the zorse when it's upset the sent will remain on your hand, if touched a split second after it calms the sent is gone.

A couple things they all have in common is all five of them love to be sang to and are very affectionate. Joe is more standoffish and requires more patience to gain his trust. Tequila loves everyone and identifies as a person not a horse.

They make all kinds of unique sounds, they bark like a dog, mew like a cat, bray like a donkey and snort like a pig.

Joe and Tiger are half brothers that have pulled wagons, carts and a stagecoach in multiple parades, they are a well matched team and excel at driving. Joe and Tequila have been ridden, Tequila prefers packing and identifying as a human. Tiger has also been ridden in rodeos, ran barrels, and enjoys trail riding.

Tequilas favorite job is hiking and packing, she can and loves to go places you would never imagine possible. She can rock climb like nobodies business. She moves like a goat, when climbing she uses the tip of her hooves.


If You'd like to meet these Magical, Amazing, Gentle, and Empathic

Creatures get in touch . . .

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