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Sydney's Pet Grooming PORTFOLIO

I'm passionate about both, the physical and emotional comfort of the pets in my care!

Thank you for taking the time and consideration of allowing me to become a pet-stylist in your establishment. I have experience as a bather, I'm dedicated and dependable. I am a new pet-stylist, however I'm open to learning and can continue my education with UTAH SCHOOL OF PET GROOMING on a part time basis while working hard and earning an income!

I LOVE grooming and want to be the best I can be!


  • I'm presently studying to get my CERTIFICATION in ANIMAL PSYCHOLOGY! It includes hands-on experience with a variety of rare, unique animals including;


  • DOMESTICATED Predators . . . Dogs (high & low energy, shy, and anxious pets) & cats 

    • WOLF-HYBRID, much different than a domesticated dog, an extremely educational experience working with and gaining an understanding of natural instincts, language, along with the skillset and timing to calm a stressed K-9. 

  • DOMESTICATED prey . . . Horses, zebu, and Jacob sheep. I've found animal language is a UNIVERSAL language, whether prey or predator!

    • Zebra/Horse HYBRIDS & Water buffalo . . . much, much different than domesticated equine, extremely educational!

Luna the wolf hybrid


Would highly recommend anyone wanting to learn safe grooming techniques, animal behavior and so much more at this school! Because of Lynne and Jess I am able to do what I love and am so glad they've taught me everything I know!


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