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Pro Pet Stylist Course

Ready to Start Your Pet Grooming Career?

This course includes K-9 plus optional Cat grooming workshop, and the family friendly

 Hands-on Horse Care & Grooming workshops!

If your dream is to open your own pet grooming business someday, you have to start somewhere. Make that somewhere the Utah School of Pet Grooming a SAFE, ENJOYABLE, Flexible learning environment in Midvale, UT.

Want hands-on experience with our gentle, family friendly horses?  Learn the universal language of animals, their needs & grooming?

600 hour professional grooming courses that will SET YOU UP for SUCCESS as a business owner, management, or a valued asset to any salon, mobile grooming, in home, or veterinary clinic in the pet grooming industry.

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Program Outline

The K-9, Equine Animal Psychology Experience is included
A limited number of Friends or Family may attend

Gain knowledge of the Universal Language animals share through Luna a Wolf Hybrid, our gentle Horses,

RARE Zorses (Zebra-Horse crosses), 

Zedonks (Zebra-Mammoth Donkey cross) 

and Water Buffalo.


Interacting with these gentle creatures teaches us . . . how to read energy. 

Become aware of our energy. 

To calm and self regulate.

Lessons that will last a lifetime. 

Meet our Water Buffalo, these are gentle creatures who enjoy human companionship, are easy to work with and are very loving!



Hello my name is HAFA

This is my story...


Hello my name is Lindsey

This is my story...


The pet grooming program at Utah School of Pet grooming goes way beyond just learning to groom animals.  They spend signficant time going over animal behavior, body language and potential problems groomers need to look for as well as making sure that as a groomer, you have the appropriate energy to accomplish a calm, stress free and successful experience for the animal, the groomer and the pets owner. 

    Anyone who dreams of becoming a groomer must attend this school!  You'll get much more than expected and really learn how to make a meaningful connection with every animal you work with.  Highly recommend!

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