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This line of work requires hands-on experience. Here are a few of our motivated, hard working Graduates, Students and Instructors. Working with animals is rewarding, it's also challenging and can be difficult. This is not a job for everyone, it's physical and messy. That being said I LOVE my job, LOVE working with animals and at Utah School of Pet Grooming we offer an Enjoyable, Safe learning and work environment.

Hands-on Grooming & Internship

From Amateur to Professional!

Lecture, Lab, Demonstrations, Hands-on grooming, workshops, guest speakers and Instruction with our Caring Instructors Supervision and Support!

INTERNSHIP, sets students up for SUCCESS!

Real life experience in a safe, comfortable shop environment!  Continued learning with the support of our amazing instructor. This gives students the opportunity improve quality, increase efficiency and most important to gain confidence, prior to entering the industry.

Instructors having fun teaching new attendees to groom a matted dog
Happy student clipping a dogs nails
Students learning to groom
Excited graduate grooming a doodle
Having fun grooming dogs on the pet school training floor.
Pet grooming school graduate getting her plaque and certificate!

The First Step is Animal Psychology

For a REWARDING career in Pet Grooming it's crucial to understand the psychology of predator and prey. Without a clear understanding of dog language, the universal language and energy animals share. Groomers and pet owners create instability and anxiety in the pets we love.

Utah School of Pet Grooming's ANIMAL PSYCHOLOGY course is Comprehensive, Powerful and Unique.  Our students learn the Secret to becoming a DOG WHISPERER!

 It's not about training the dog to stand still, it is about understanding the psychology and using their natural instincts to calm a stressed out animal down quickly. 

Luna our Amazing 'Timber Wolf Hybrid' gives students an insight into the instinctual world of our domesticated K-9 companions

K-9 spych class with Luna the wolf hybrid and Mo the rescue dog
K-9 Psych class learning boundaries with Luna the wolf hybrid

Leadership starts with the ability to recognize when a dog is in a Reactive (negative) state, to work them through emotions.

It's magical, quick, effective and creates an immediate bond between the pet and handler (JOB SATISFACTION)! 

Once in a LIFETIME Interactive
Exotic Animal Experience

This FAMILY friendly interactive experience is held indoors, it's HANDS-ON! 

Working with these AMAZING animals will BLOW your mind. You'll leave with a different mindset, see the world through the eyes of one of the rarest creatures on EARTH!

(Gentle Horses, Zorses (rare-zebra horse cross), Water Buffalo, Miniature Zebu, 4 horned Jacob sheep)

Guaranteed, this will help you master becoming a DOG WHISPERER!

You'll connect on a deeper level than you'd EVER IMAGINED!

Zorses (Zebra Horse cross) are some of the rarest animals on earth! Fewer than 100 worldwide.

Animal Psych class, rescue horse being handled by a student
Amazing connection between a student and Tequila the zorse
Bonding exercises between students and Joe the zorse
Trust building with a young woman and Joe the zorse

Our Zorses are gentle, intelligent creatures, they love children! They helping us become aware of and check our energy


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