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Dog Pics . . . Before & After 

Chinese Crested

If you're a GOAL oriented,

 HARD Worker

this is an opportunity to take

Control of your LIFE.

From a dogs point of view, you're their life, love & leader.

Did you know your dog can smell your feelings? Your dog's sense of smell is 100,000 time better than ours. When we're fearful or upset, we perspire. A dog can easily pick up on our  physiology changes through their sense of smell

 Understand K-9 Psychology

Cholcolate Poodle face

 for a more CALM & Relaxed pet

Doodle Teddy Bear Head
Schnauzer face

Pet grooming isn't just a job, it's so much deeper . . . 

 *Compassion *Creativity * Passion

Terrier cross Bath Time

I find bathing a dog is both messy & Fun!

Yorki bath Time Bonding

Washing a DIRTY dog is soo Rewarding

Cute Little dog Getting a Bath

Severely Matted Shih-tzu


Matted Puppy Face first groom

This precious little girl came in snapping and screaming. 

She left relaxed & content.

Neglected, matted pup
Process of de-matting neglected dog

What a lovely little challenge, her first groom was a good experience. 

Shihtze from matted to beautiful groom
Cute face, from neglected to beautiful

Our students gain the knowledge to calm severely neglected, matted dogs, build trust, bond, and make the grooming process positive.

The ultimate SATISFACTION!

 2 EXTREME Teddy Bear Clips


Extreme before and after

Look at the confidence in this little fellow!

What a difference an Awesome hair cut makes!

From matted to pampered

Finished before and after
Puppies first hair cut, before
Puppies first haircut after face

His family didn't recognize their handsome little buddy!

First groom EVER!

 Shocking Poodle Terrier Cross


You'd never guess it's the same little girl

A Sweet Heart to bath & dry!

What a LOVER!

This is the type of client that creates job satisfaction for the lucky stylist.

This little Poodle cross is a pet groomers dream to work with.

She is well cared for, confident, groomed on a regular basis and her owner reschedules her every 8 weeks.

 White cross breed puppy before grooming
before groom face
puppy bath time
Groomed puppy with a yellow scarf after grooming
Wow, puppy cute face

Pomeranian Clip


Are you an animal lover?

Pom getting a bath
Pomeranian finished
Cute pom getting a bath

What a Sweet Heart!

Pomeranian Outline Clip


Great Temperament

SUPER fun puppy

This little Pomeranian was matted to the skin.

Our students are skilled at gentle humane

de-matting  techniques

fluffy puppy

Another first groom

2 Schnauzer Clips


Are you adventurous

Develop your own creative style!

This precious lamb is a Yorki/Schnauzer cross

her owners like a rounded soft schnauzer look . . .

Before schnauzer face
Schnauzer relaxing after a groom
Cute schnauzer face after groom
Scruffy schnauzer

Short hair Terrier cross


Cute cross breed before grooming

This little fellow is a terrier cross, he's a heavy shedder, he's clipped on a regular basis to control his shedding at home.

What a fun little dog to groom!  The body & legs are clipped down, with short schnauzer type eyebrows & whiskers!

Groomer finishing terrier groom

With such a thick coat he can be clipped pretty short and still retain a thermal barrier to protect him from heat and cold. 

Short hair dogs SHED MUCH more than longer coats!

What a fun, lucrative career!

 American Cocker Spaniel BEFORE & AFTER


What a Good Boy!

Cocker spaniel after grooming picture

Newfoundland Clip BEFORE & AFTER

Matted newfie

If you don't mind working hard, you can make a difference in the lives of severely neglected animals.

This BIG guy was in rough shape and not able to stand up during the grooming process. 


Mats are painful!


They pull on the skin, decreased blood supply  and can cause permanent skin damage!

matted newfie getting clipped
Happy groomer, finished clipping matted newfie. Ready for a bath.

Huge amount of work for his dedicated pet stylist! 

WOW! He Doesn't Look Like the Same Dog!

Newfie finished, looks like a completely different dog.

 Cute Doodle BEFORE & AFTER

Cute doodle getting a bath.

She had prior surgery, you can see where they shaved the top of her left leg for her IV.

Doodle getting dried, ready to finish

WOW it's not visible in the finished cut!

What a Good Girl!

Beautifully finished doodle

Sweet Doodle Puppy Clip


Little girl with her best bud, a doodle puppy first groom.

This little girl and her Doodle puppy are best friends, she was worried about her puppy being scared for her first groom

Doodle pup bath

She was a Superstar and responded well to resistance-free grooming techniques

Doodle pup getting dried
Cute finish, first groom completed.

Was a Positive Experience, she seemed to enjoy the love and attention and has returned many times . . .

Cute doodle puppy face

Super Creative Doodle Mohawk Clip


Before groom doodle mohawk
Before groom doodle mohawk

Anything you can imagine, you can create

Would you enjoy creative grooming?

Finished doodle mohawk clip

Creative Grooming is lucrative and popular with pet owners.

It's also a lot of FUN!

Finished doodle mohawk face

Dogs love the extra attention

Impressive Doodle


Doodles are high-maintenance when it comes to grooming.

Doodles are some of the cutest, cuddliest, and fluffiest dogs.

Golden doodle getting a bath

A shorter clip is easier upkeep, less tangles, mats, quicker bath and blow dry time.

Golden doodle getting blow dried
Golden doodle with a cute bow tie after grooming
Cute doodle face after groom

Doodles are one of my favorite dogs to groom when done on a regular basis.

Utah School of Pet Grooming is a Great Place to Invest in your Future, Financial Freedom, and Take Control of your Time, Income & Career !

Thanks for checking us out . . .

Creative grooming, tiger dog
Creative grooming, purple mohawk pup
Creative grooming, funny mohawk on a minpin
pink poodle with lots of bling


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