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Best Career Ever

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

Pet Industry Statistics & Highlights . . . Last Updated: July 14th 2023

Hello, I'm Brandon. I left a 20 year corporate pharmacy career in 2021, it was sucking my soul dry!

I admit it was scary, I have a wife and child who depend on me.

Great move, I LOVE what I do now! Everyday has it's challenges, I think that's part of what makes it interesting and enjoyable! The animal psychology blew my mind, there isn't a single day that I don't use it. It goes way beyond the animals, believe it or not I have a better understanding of people.

I now hold a management position at Utah School of Pet Grooming. I get to play a big part in helping motivated individuals achieve a lucrative, enjoyable career, their financial dreams and goals.

I accepted this position to make a difference in my staffs opportunity to grow, gain expertise, specialize in advanced techniques and education in an industry that is constantly changing so students get the absolute best training experience possible including continued education through workshops, clinics, and guest speakers after graduation for continue success as their career goals change!

Utah School of Pet Grooming is a one of a kind experience, my team are hands down the most talented, and patient instructors, receptionists, and student care advocates!

I will accept nothing less than a safe work-learning environment for our staff and students.

In an industry that is not regulated, there is a lack of education. My animal psychology team is focused on résistance free training for a better understanding and overall industry improvement of the care and handling of pets of all kinds including dogs, cats and horses.

Pet care is a $103.6 billion industry; pet grooming is expecting a 54% increase by 2029 and has proven to be recession proof. My wife says I'm a different person, I'm excited about life and our financial future.

If you're scared or have doubts I get it, talk to me. I'll be upfront and honest.

Utah School of Pet grooming sets you up for success!

Animal Psychology gives you a competitive edge plus a more enjoyable experience for stylist and pet.

Graduates earning $100K plus.

The pet industry grows by 11.6% every year, there's a huge need for quality pet stylists!

The average pet-owning household spends over $1,120 per year on their pets. Understanding animal psychology means the pet is more relaxed and happy to return for a more rewarding career and job security for the trusted pet stylist.

2-in-3 American households include at least one pet.

Globally, the pet industry is worth $232 billion.

If you want control of your time and income, you're a hard worker, compassionate and creative . . .

Research and do your own soul searching, think long and hard about a career as a pet stylist.

Pet grooming is physical, has its challenges, you're always learning and pet grooming is not for everyone.

Life is too short to have a career that sets limits.

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