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Get Started for Only


Payments as low as $179.86

Pro Stylist PAY IN FULL

Includes Comprehensive
Professional Tool Kit

One-Time Payment

$7871 per person

Save $2200
when payed in full (ends 1/25/24)

Certified Pro-Stylist Snapshot

Starting Pay: Graduates of our Pro Groomer program start out making $30,000 - $45,000
Tuition: $8,473  optional PRO-Toolkit is $1,495
- Interest-Free Financing and Payment Plans available!!!
Full-Time Schedule: 3 days per week, Tuesday - Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Approximately 17 weeks/4 months to complete program
Accelerated Option: Students may attend 3 additional hours per day. Get additional credit hours home grooming and uploading before, during and after pictures of the pet during the grooming process. 
Both written and hands-on examinations will be given during and at the completion of the program. A Certificate is awarded for each program to a student that has:

  1. Successfully passed all required testing in the pet grooming curriculum.

  2. Attended all class hours

  3. Fulfilled all monetary obligations to the school


STAND OUT in the pet grooming industry with a PLAQUE along with a CERTIFIED Professional Pet Grooming certificate to display, showcasing your advanced training and skills.

The 'Dog Whisperer' & Animal Psychology CERTIFICATION certificate is a great additionEarn extra income educating owners or working with dogs, horses or other animals. 

Please contact USPG for CUSTOMIZED PROFESSIONAL CAREER Course FINANCING . . . . Choose a low-cost options to get started today!

Toolkit & Tuition must paid in full two weeks prior to class start, or through a payment plan arranged with our Finance adviser at time of Registration.

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