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K-9 Psychology
3 hour Workshop

Luna the wolf hybrid getting a hug

Want to learn the SECRET dog trainers won't tell you?

A six year old yorki named Jessi is in charge and she knows it. Her frantic barking drives everyone nuts, rather than understanding how to deal with it, someone yells, picks her up, or gives her something ANYTHING TO MAKE HER STOP.  Sound familiar

But why is she so NAUGHTY all the time?

It turns out it's not about her . . .

In order to fix problems at one end of the leash you have to look to who's holding the other end.


It's less about showing the dog whose boss or using force, it's more about understanding why they behave and are reacting in an unbalanced manner .  First understand the dogs natural INSTINCTUAL PROGRAMMING. How does our domesticated predators think? This is the key to balancing a dog that's nervous, hyper or overwhelmed.

GAIN THE KNOWLEDGE to interpret the universal language animals share through 'Luna' our  AMAZING Timber Wolf Hybrid and 'Izzy' an unsocialized rescue.

Simple, Effective Tools to CURB PROBLEM BEHAVIORS Quickly & Permanently! 

  • Is your dog jumping uncontrollably, dragging you and the kids around on-leash?

  • Does Feefee show aggressive behaviors or is nippy with friends and kids?

  • Is Foofoo food aggressive?,    

FAMILY FRIENDLY hands-on                With 'Luna'  the Wolf Hybrid & 'Izzy'


Gain a skillset to rehab difficult rescue animals like 'Izzy' a small, out of control plott hound rescue. She lived in a back yard, was not socialized, house broke, was a barker, destructive, escape artist, and a runner.  Her previous owners did not have the skillset to work her through her serious problems. They had good intentions when they adopted her, however due to her extreme problem behaviors they were not able to place her and were going to have to release her to a shelter. This precious girl did not have a promising future. 


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